Supplements vs Medicines

Supplements are products taken orally that contains ingredients like vitamins and amino acids. These are usually intended to supplement a dietary need. It can either enhance or improve one’s diet to reinforce the nutrient supply to your body. Prescription medication is a set of medicines or drugs that require a prescription from a physician or doctor before it can be dispensed. This usually follows a regular schedule that should be strictly followed.

Good quality supplements only contain good quality food, it is like getting an apple, smashing it, and then packing in a pill. If you investigate history, the old medicine were plants and herbs collected in the gardens and forests to cure some severe diseases.

Nowadays, some natural products, such a honey, could have the same effects as medicine but without the side effects. One study done with honey shown that the composition of this sweet food could treat cough better than some medicines out there. Another example is vitamin C, that can boost the production of white blood cells to improve your immunity without any side effects.

As medicine advances, new studies and new methods of treatment will appear. In Brazil, they use two types of medicines to help people sleep but they have bad side effects. In contrast, melatonin, is a supplement that has the same effects on the body but has no side effects.

The best option is to always ask your doctor, but it would not hurt try to find some more natural alternatives!

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